Our plant list is rather impressive!

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Here at J L Float, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a huge range of presswork services to an array of sectors.

We invest hugely in our press shop welding equipment, and you can see from our detailed plant list that there’s not much that we are unable to do for you – www.jlfloat.com/plant-list/

But we know that even the consideration of switching presswork suppliers could be cause for concern. However, working with us can not only improve the quality of your presswork, but save you money and give you more time.

Here are some of the reasons why so many companies stay with us for so long:

  • ·  Quality, turnaround time and cost are our biggest priorities.
  • ·  We have over 90 years’ experience in delivering pressed solutions.
  • ·  We can reduce the cost of your components during the development process.
  • ·  No need for an upfront investment in tooling - we can spread the cost for you so you are making savings before any major capital expenditure.
  • ·  You can rest assured that we’re a financially stable company.
  • ·  We can produce a range of products from basic pressings through to complex welded assemblies delivered on time, every time.
  • ·  Recognised and used by some of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies.
  • ·  We supply into some of the most demanding industrial sectors including automotive, rail, agricultural, white goods, electrical and heating and building services.
  • ·  We invest in plant and equipment and have a wide selection of presses ranging from a 30T to 500T capacity
  • ·  We have invested in larger presses too, with the largest bed size at 2.75m x 1.53m (108” x 60”).

These are the facts.  If you have a presswork requirement, for an existing or upcoming project, let’s talk.  At worst, we’ll show you whether you’re buying at a good price, and at best we could save you time, money and give you an all-round better and more personal service.