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With over 90 years experience, we pride ourselves on the ability to supply pressed metal components, assemblies and fabrications to the right quality, delivered on time and at the best possible cost.

JLF Manufacturing offers current and future customers the opportunity to develop long term relationships from concept to production, and working with us can make a real difference to your business. We are able to convert your drawings and specifications into reality; providing advice on how to improve the quality and reduce the cost of your components during the development process.

We are now probably the largest UK manufacturer and stockist of industrial floats and shells in copper and stainless and we offer a very competitively priced product range as well as the ability to provide custom designs as required.


As a result of our capability to produce a wide range of products ranging from basic pressings through to complex and welded fabrications we have been recognised by some of the leading manufacturing companies in the UK. We supply into many industrial sectors, including:-

• Automotive
• Rail
• Agricultural
• White goods
• Electrical and Heating
• Building Services


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  • February 2014
  • 50
  • 1925
  • £3,100,000

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North Works, Westgate, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8UF
Tel: 01922 455677

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